I am 27 weeks and 5 days old today, since conception. I am looking forward to the day that I am born so I can share my life with my wonderful parents Niki Deneault and Land Pearson.

Just for you Jenn…
In 8 days I will be one year old. Hard to believe how quickly time flies. I know my mom keeps saying that but I don’t believe everything she says. I am already trying out my independence and letting her know that I can do things on my own, thank you very much! The other day when playing with my cousin Peregrine my Uncle Lake wanted me to share a toy with him, so I told him “don’t” just like my mom, she says that to me a lot lately. Especially when I am hitting her or other babies. I don’t understand why they are crying?! it was just a love tap to say “hey, wanna play?” Right now I am loving my new push toy, it makes great noises and I can get around the house quite quickly with it; did you see the video mom put up of me? check it out.
What else can I tell you about myself, I am a dirty blonde with curly hair, I have blueberry blue eyes, my sign is Cancer and I love rice pasta! I enjoy chasing my dog Jackson around the house and laughing at him. Right now I prefer to be carried on my parents back for long walks, it gets so boring in the chariot, I want to touch and see everything in the world around me. Oh, I love my VITAMIN D!! it is so tasty.
Also, I have lots of girlfriends, two of whom are named Amelia, one Sofia, one River (but she is my cousin, not my kissing cousin, just my cousin). And I am the biggest flirt you have ever seen. I just love smiling and laughing at the ladies. I love attention. I am becoming quite the talker, I just can’t wait, I have so much to say. As soon as I wake up I am pointing at this and that and saying “oooh!” and “ahhh!”.


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