I had an ultrasound on Tuesday September 4th. My Dr wanted to make sure that baby was growing well, that there was enough amniotic fluid, and there were no blood clots. The results were positive. Baby weighs 6lbs (+ or – 16oz) head circumference is 32.21 cm and measured 35 weeks 6 days, which is only a 2 day difference from my EDC. I got to see that baby has hair. It is difficult to see much at this point, as the baby takes up all the space. There were no clots, the placenta is not covering my cervix, and the placenta was fully attached to the uterus. All is good.
Now if we can hold off for at least 24 hrs the Drs will be happy. I’m hoping that I get the weekend at home and then I’ll be ready for this little one to enter our world.


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