Stuck in jail

I have been in and out, mostly in the hospital, since Friday August 31. Damn blue moon. It all started with a bit of spotting and cramps/tightenings. On Friday I was 35 weeks 4 days. The Drs and myself included do not want the baby to come yet, as there is concern that baby could have trouble breathing or feeding. We don’t have a NICU in Whitehorse so if baby had trouble breathing we would be flown out. The baby is considered premature until 37 weeks.
I’m sure I’m losing weight in here. This is their idea of a large meal portion!


This would never be enough for dinner for me normally and especially not when I’m pregnant.

One thing that keeps me going is the fact that baby is happy and healthy and is not being effected by the tightenings.
The top device monitors the uterus and the bottom one monitors the fetal heart rate.



Although I appreciate the care I’m receiving…being in the hospital on bed rest right now is very difficult. But I know it’s best for baby so I must stay strong and make it through the next few days. Today I’m 36 weeks 2 days.


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