A cool fall park day




Dressing up

Rowan decided to play dress up instead of napping today.



Friends and family

Friends and family are very important aspects of ones life. You realize how important they really are in times of need. The Friday, August 31, that I started my week long hospital stay of bedrest I was painting Rowan’s room. I sent out a call for help to my friends, Sierra, Monika, Jenn and Julie, and they came to my rescue and finished painting Rowan’s room for me. I was glad I got to hang out with them a bit while they did it, as I was out of hospital on a 3 hour pass. My friends also helped with bringing me food, books, magazines, DVDs, and their computer with movies and TV shows on it – I will never in my life pay for cable. I have not had cable for I don’t know how long but there is nothing on there when you want to or need to watch something to help pass the days while just sitting or lying in a hospital bed.

Orange juice and Cool aqua

Orange juice

We would not have made it through that week without the help of Land’s family. Again on that Friday, I was making pizza for LARP (LakeAnnaRiverPeregrine) and got the phone call from my Dr. to go to the hospital for an assessment by the Dr. on call, as my Dr. does not do deliveries anymore. Anna took over making the pizza’s and put Rowan to bed for us, as we were thinking it was going to be a quick visit not an admission to the maternity ward. Throughout the week Georgi and Lake helped out by taking turns taking care of Rowan for us. Rowan and Land were lucky as Land’s parents and LARP took pity on them and either made dinner and dropped it off or had them over for dinner. One can never say thanks enough, so here is another one, thanks again to everyone for helping us out when we needed it!


I’m home!! It is nice to be back here hanging with Land and Rowan again. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while longer. The Drs figure that I will probably end up delivering before my due date but there is also I chance I could make it to October 1st. My feeling is that I will go before my due date but only time will tell.

I thought of this song as I was packing up last night and getting ready to come home today.