My adorable Rowan


Eating with an 18 month old

I’ve decided that eating with an 18 month old is like eating in a Federal prison. Although the 18 month old is smaller than me, he does harass me endlessly to eat my food. Not only does he want to eat it he wants to hold it and check it out. Quite often we are eating the same thing, but he won’t touch his food and will only eat mine. Some meals I am lucky to be able to eat a regular portion. When I am really hungry and want to make sure I get most or all of my dinner I will stand in the kitchen at the counter with my food and eat there. Sometimes after I put Rowan to bed I wonder why I am hungry and then I remember that I really did not get a chance to eat much of my dinner. Either I am getting stronger or Rowan is realizing that we are eating the same thing because the last few meals I have been able to eat all of my food and even go back for seconds. Last night I made a chicken and basil stir fry which he loved and had seconds and so did I and he did not even pay attention to the fact that I was eating too. I guess I just have to make sure that I always make food that he is going to love, easier said than done, I know. Is it that I have his stomach in mind or my own?