Dog door.

Rowan peeking through the dog door

One of Rowan’s favorite things to do is to peek through the dog door. He laughs and laughs when Jackson is on the other side. He quite often goes to the dog door and puts his toys through it and tries to get Jackson’s attention. I used to worry that he would fall through, so far he hasn’t. He stands up and pokes his head out, quite far, but doesn’t or hasn’t fallen through yet…

Rowan’s first birthday party!

Rowan celebrated his first birthday on July 12th. Hard to believe a year has gone by. Most days it feels like it has just flown by but I do remember the days when they were long…
It is amazing to watch them grow and learn and change so much. Tonight for example, I was feeding him and he pointed to his crib and I asked him if he was ready to go to bed and he made his “ooh” noise and I placed him in his crib, he got into his sleeping position and fell asleep?@#$%. I remember the nights struggling to get him to sleep, I know they are not over and done with but what a treat tonight was. It is great to see him starting to comprehend what we are saying to him. He points at something, which I know he can get by himself so I tell him that and you can see his face change when he decides to do it himself, it is amazing.
Last night he was so cute! he was practicing standing by himself. Our friends Ben and Jenn were over for dinner and he was so proud of himself. He was standing for a long time and was just beaming and trying to look around to make sure that we saw him, it was adorable!

Courtesy of Jenn

This weekend Land and I took part in the 5 th Annual Dry-Tri – 4 km run, 14 km bike, 8 km run. Needless to say, Land did the running and I did the biking. Our friend Jenn took these great pictures of Rowan.

Personality plus!