People along the way.


We are back from our travels.

Rowan did awesome! he is a super traveller. We had a great time catching up with and meeting new people. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to see everyone we wanted to. I am glad to be back home settling into my routine. It does feel kinda weird to be here though. I still feel like we should be in the Blazer going from one place to the next and sleeping in the Escape along the way. When I walked into the house Friday night it seemed so HUGE, it did not feel like our place for a moment. I had gotten so used to sleeping in the trailer or sharing a room with Land and Rowan it was weird to have a whole house again.
Rowan is napping right now and I am going to eat some more lunch and then try and have a nap myself. I will post pictures later and talk more about our travels, as well.