Sleep training

Sorry there haven’t been any posts in a while but Rowan got sick twice and then I started sleep training Rowan. ¬†Up until a short while ago Rowan slept with us in our family bed. It worked great until recently when I kept waking him and and he kept waking me up. He is such a cuddly guy that he needed to have a foot or hand on me all night. I do kind of miss that but I am loving the sleep that I am getting now. It is great to have more energy! Hopefully soon I will be able to use that energy to go mountain biking!

I got to slip out for just over an hour on Saturday night to attend a friend’s Canadian tuxedo birthday party. That night Rowan slept from 7:30 pm to 3:30 am, 8 hours in a row, amazing. And when I fed him at 3:30 he didn’t cry when I put him back in his crib, which is great because I really have a hard time hearing him cry, it stresses me out. I am such a wimp I have a hard time washing his face and hands ’cause he freaks out, pathetic I know.