The new smile

I was outside getting the Chariot ready for a walk the other day and this is the smile I got when I came into the house! He held it long enough for me to grab my phone and take a couple pictures, this is the best one!

Spoon: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Rowan has decided that he likes to help feed himself and those pesky teeth that are coming in feel much better when he chews on his spoon. Its a win win situation for him, but it does make feeding time last a bit longer than it used to.

The wash cloth incident

Rowan, like other babies I am assuming, does not like his face being washed so we have to make a fun game of it. I warm up a wash cloth and throw it on his face he gasps and giggles and pulls it off and in that process he sometimes ‘helps’ with the washing or I pull the wash cloth down his face and wash off what I can and start all over again. Or sometimes he just freaks out and tries his hardest to not let me near his face.


Sorry for the absence but Rowan and I have been sick. I think we caught the flu! High temperatures, aches and pain, coughing, and the chills. No fun at all. When we first arrived in Portland Rowan had his first cold and he was such a little trooper. He was a little less impressed this time. Probably didn’t help that he was teething and now his two top front teeth have broken through the gum line. He is almost recovered, he has a dry nasty cough that is hanging on though. He seems quite exasperated at the end of his coughing spells and lets out quite the sigh, it is pretty cute!