Stranger anxiety

Rowan had his first bout of stranger anxiety on Friday night. We went over to Lands friend Godefroys house for dinner and games. Godefroy and his wife Keiko (sp?) have a beautiful little girl named Maya, she is 6 weeks older than Rowan and about half his size. She was excited to see him and let out a squeal to let him know and the tears started rolling! he was so upset and got on his super cute sad face (that I secretly love because it is so cute). It happened 2 more times. The last time was because she MAY have touched him. They were both on their stomachs side by each, getting their picture taken, when Maya reached out to touch him and he got upset all over again. How could he be afraid of such a cute little Japanese girl?

Rowan and Maya


One thought on “Stranger anxiety

  1. This is funny! Amelia made a 7 month old boy cry during story time at the library yesterday! They were laying on their tummies face to face and he started babbling to her. She let out a couple of huge happy squeals and his lower lip came out and big tears! Hope she doesn’t scare Rowan the next time she sees him!

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