Jolly jumpin’ glee

Ready for food.

Rowan is ready for food and I am not ready for him to be ready for food – eeks! It means change and yes I know change is the only constant but I am not quite ready for my boy to be so grown up! He can hold a glass, he reaches for food on my plate or while it is in my hands heading for my mouth. He is ready.

Tonight I bought a book on first meals to feed your baby, I was hoping to be reading it right now but someone is awake and jumping around in their exersaucer as he fell asleep in his car seat on our drive home from saying goodbye to Chrissy 😦 I can’t believe her 6 weeks are up, we are going to miss them dearly!!

Did anyone else have ‘trouble’ with starting their baby on solids? breast-feeding is so easy and convenient and I love it.

Roll over, roll over, we call Rowan over.

Yes he did! twice in fact yesterday! My big boy, 18 lbs 2 oz, rolled over. He rolled both from his back to stomach and stomach to back. It is amazing to watch them change so quickly these days. One day he is sitting in his exersaucer just looking at all those ‘things’ and then the next day or so he is rolling them, pulling them and spinning around in his seat- AMAZING!!