Peregrine, the newest Pearson.

Anna and Lake had baby number 2! a boy who is named Peregrine. It is neat to see the difference between him and Rowan. Although, it has only been just over 10 weeks since Rowan was born I can hardly remember him being as small as Peregrine.  There is only a 5 oz difference in birth weight between them, but Peregrine looks so tiny right now! It is amazing to think that 10 weeks makes a big difference in development but in a year or so it won’t. Land was saying to me on Monday I wonder what kind of trouble they are going to get into when they are 5 or so and my first thought was what kind of trouble are they going to get into as teenagers!! Right now they live next door to each other, I hope this continues for several years as I am sure it will be quite an experience to watch them grow up together.


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