Shiny happy Rowan :)

Sleepy, slobbery boy

I know it is only Wednesday (I did have to think about that) but Rowan has been eating and sleeping up a storm this week; that is all he really wants to do right now which makes me think that he is going through another growth spurt. Another interesting thing that he is doing of late is drooling and sucking on his thumb and fists as much as he can. I really don’t want him to get teeth yet as he already gums me when he is feeding which hurts a lot, I don’t even want to think about or find out how much it hurts with teeth!!

Peregrine, the newest Pearson.

Anna and Lake had baby number 2! a boy who is named Peregrine. It is neat to see the difference between him and Rowan. Although, it has only been just over 10 weeks since Rowan was born I can hardly remember him being as small as Peregrine. ┬áThere is only a 5 oz difference in birth weight between them, but Peregrine looks so tiny right now! It is amazing to think that 10 weeks makes a big difference in development but in a year or so it won’t. Land was saying to me on Monday I wonder what kind of trouble they are going to get into when they are 5 or so and my first thought was what kind of trouble are they going to get into as teenagers!! Right now they live next door to each other, I hope this continues for several years as I am sure it will be quite an experience to watch them grow up together.


Looking back, the 2nd week at home with Rowan.

The smiling boy!