*Rowan Lorn Pearson*

We finally decided on a middle name. Land had Friday off so we sat down and didn’t do anything else until we came up with a middle name. We had come up with several other names but neither of us liked what the other one suggested, or we liked it just not enough to chose it for Rowan’s middle name. I proposed Lorn as it has two meanings : (1) There is a Mt. Lorne in Whitehorse, so we have a Whitehorse/Yukon theme (2) Lorne was my grandpa’s name and one of the meanings for Lorn we found on the internet was Fox, how can you go wrong with Fox as your middle name?! 😛 I guess that is kind of three *shrug*. Gotta go someone is hungry, I guess he is trying to break 11lbs this week!


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