Baby’s day out

Today Rowan and I went to the Whitehorse health centre to weigh and measure him. He weighed in at 10lbs 13 oz!!! length 58.5cm and head circumference 38cm. He is a growing boy! Gotta go he is crying…Ok I am back. While there we also listened to Rachel from the Child development centre present baby sign language. I know Rowan is a bit young to be learning sign language but I thought it would be fun to see some of the signs and meet other mom’s and babies. We learned about 20 signs today: more, sit, in, on, hot, milk, mom, dad, brother, sister etc. Rowan was hungry and sleepy. I am not sure that 1:30pm is a good time of the day for Rowan and I to be out. It is his usual nap time so we might have to hold off on baby’s day out talks for a while or maybe just go and have him sleep, although he does get fussy when there is too much noise. And today there were  at least 10 moms with babes which equals a fairly noisy room. I think that Rowan was the youngest and the oldest was 9 months old. The 9 month old only weighed 5lbs more than Rowan! needless to say she was tiny and at the 3 percentile for growth whereas I am sure Rowan has  got to be around the 90th or 97th, I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks. Well it is bed time and someone is starting to rub his eyes. Good night.


One thought on “Baby’s day out

  1. Hi Niki,

    I forgot about this site but found it again when I was cleaning out my inbox. Happy to find “Heylittlebean’s Blog”. Just spent the last half hours cruising through your world. Miss you dearly and darn he is cute. Rowan that is… and Land too!

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