*Rowan Lorn Pearson*

We finally decided on a middle name. Land had Friday off so we sat down and didn’t do anything else until we came up with a middle name. We had come up with several other names but neither of us liked what the other one suggested, or we liked it just not enough to chose it for Rowan’s middle name. I proposed Lorn as it has two meanings : (1) There is a Mt. Lorne in Whitehorse, so we have a Whitehorse/Yukon theme (2) Lorne was my grandpa’s name and one of the meanings for Lorn we found on the internet was Fox, how can you go wrong with Fox as your middle name?! 😛 I guess that is kind of three *shrug*. Gotta go someone is hungry, I guess he is trying to break 11lbs this week!

Baby’s day out

Today Rowan and I went to the Whitehorse health centre to weigh and measure him. He weighed in at 10lbs 13 oz!!! length 58.5cm and head circumference 38cm. He is a growing boy! Gotta go he is crying…Ok I am back. While there we also listened to Rachel from the Child development centre present baby sign language. I know Rowan is a bit young to be learning sign language but I thought it would be fun to see some of the signs and meet other mom’s and babies. We learned about 20 signs today: more, sit, in, on, hot, milk, mom, dad, brother, sister etc. Rowan was hungry and sleepy. I am not sure that 1:30pm is a good time of the day for Rowan and I to be out. It is his usual nap time so we might have to hold off on baby’s day out talks for a while or maybe just go and have him sleep, although he does get fussy when there is too much noise. And today there were  at least 10 moms with babes which equals a fairly noisy room. I think that Rowan was the youngest and the oldest was 9 months old. The 9 month old only weighed 5lbs more than Rowan! needless to say she was tiny and at the 3 percentile for growth whereas I am sure Rowan has  got to be around the 90th or 97th, I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks. Well it is bed time and someone is starting to rub his eyes. Good night.

Settling in

Rowan and I are settling in, we are developing somewhat of a schedule. Wake up, feed, change diaper, feed, nap, and then it starts all over again. Sometimes once a day or even twice a day we head out for a walk in either the stroller or the wrap. Yesterday we made our way to the health centre. Rowan weighed in at 9lbs 8 oz!! I was expecting him to be about 8 and 1/2 lbs but he sure showed me.

This weekend we are going out to our first wedding reception, should be fun to see how he does. We have booked the Pearson family Escape trailer for the labor day long weekend, it will be Rowan’s first camping trip, notice he is already starting out in style – a camper, pretty swanky. We don’t plan on going too far, maybe Marsh lake or Kusawa, I am looking forward to it!  Off to nap before lunch, well my lunch, Rowan basically eats whenever he is hungry…I wonder where he got that from… 🙂

Mom’s visit

My mom left this morning after being here for one week. It was great!  Rowan and I got to eat and sleep and go for walks. I could not have survived the week without her; that is the reason for the absence from the blog, I decided to take it easy and enjoy being with Rowan and when we were awake with my mom. Now it is back to me and Rowan, we have to fend for ourselves during the day until dad gets home at lunch and after work. I have learned to eat when I can and sleep with Rowan when he does.

Our house had a very productive week: the exterior got painted, the sink and dishwasher installed and all the kitchen cabinet doors are in place. Our house is really coming together 🙂

We took several pictures during the week so I am hoping by later today to have them posted.