More pictures of Rowan


Check out my moves


Gangster Rowan

Check out this sleeping pose!

Bassinet in the sun

Sucking my thumb

Sleeping beauty


6 thoughts on “More pictures of Rowan

  1. He is so beautiful that you want to reach through the computer and touch him. Enjoy every minute. He will grow up too fast. Your Mom will be there soon and yes you can spoil them at his age but that’s OK, that’s what you are suppose to do.

  2. what a beautiful little boy you and Land have brought in to this world!!! he really is a little darling – so very cute and the pictures are fabulous!!! Thanks for posting so many – keep them coming……….. sorry I missed your call this AM Nik’, I was at work…….. that parcel sure got there fast 3 or 4 days!!!!! glad you like the booties – i love em too!!! I’ll try and call you tomorrow afternoon/early evening from the land line – it is free for me to call from Jackie’s phone!!!
    Love to you all; miss you dearly; really wishing I could be there to help you and to get better acquainted with my new and beautiful nephew!!

  3. He is absolutely lovely…I swear his hands are as big as hig Aunty Wendy’s are small!!

    Very nice to see a picture of his daddy too. Nice to meet you, Land!

  4. Ah, he just gets cuter and cuter!! I miss you guys already….wish I was still there! I know he already gets lots of hugs and kisses, but give him extra for me!

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