Latent phase of labor

Well at 2 am last night I passed my mucus plug. I had to have a snack, of course, before going to the hospital. When we were there the contractions were every 3 mins. We got sent home as my cervix had just barely started to dilate and the baby was doing well. When we got home my contractions were regular and coming every 5- 10 mins and lasting 1 min. Now they have tapered off. For a while they were every 10 mins, then every 15 mins and then every 30 mins and then they took a break.
I just read that this phase of labor can take a few hours to 20 hours, this is when the cervix will dilate to 4 cm. I am obviously on the latter end of that scale. My cervix this morning was still a little posterior. The cervix will move anterior as you move into the next phase. I am getting a contraction right now! That was a good one. Well better eat some lunch and get ready for the next contraction 🙂


3 thoughts on “Latent phase of labor

  1. Yeah! I can’t wait to hear all about the delivery and see your little bean!

    Great big hugs and best wishes!
    C, R & L

  2. finally!!!!! yay!!!!!! Wishing you well and praying for a smooth, safe labour and delivery!!! Soon, you will be holding your precious little bundle and feeling an amazing kind of love!!!!!!!
    I’m so very excited for you beautiful mama!!!!! Wishing I was closer…….. can’t wait to see loads of pics!!!

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