This has nothing to do with the baby, but I just have to brag about my littlest furry boy. Obi loves going outside into the backyard. Up until recently he would scratch and scratch and meow to be let out or in. We have a dog door on the interior door to the house for Jackson, we will be putting one on the exterior door when we get around to it, as it is a brand new door. Two days ago I was in the bath and Obi wanted in from outside, I really did not want to get out quite yet. I lied there in the bath tub watching his shadow paw at the plastic door when all of a sudden he pushed it hard enough that he was able to jump through! It was great! He now has figured out that he can do that from the inside as well. Who said cats aren’t smart??


3 thoughts on “Obelix

  1. I would just like to comment that I have spent countless hours trying to teach him how to do this. Pushing him through, opening it demonstrating it. Jackson learned far quicker!

  2. If I may point out, we still have to push Jackson through the dog door or open the door for him to go outside on occasion.
    Maybe Obi just needed time to work on his muscle strength to be able to push the door hard enough šŸ™‚ I still think he is a smart cat!

  3. Thats only if the outside door looks like it is closed. But I realized what finally got obi doing the door. Since obi’s room is now the baby’s room he obviously can not have his food and litter box up there, and since we lost our basement troll we have moved this stuff down there. Not wanting to always have the basement door open, seems to be a bad idea when the babe gets a bit older, I cut a mini kitty door in the bottom of it which has no flap. Since he has been practicing using this I think he finally got the pushing open the flap on the back door.
    When I put the new one on the exterior door I am not sure if he will have the muscle strength as it is an all weather door. Maybe he will have to hit the Gym.

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