Last Yoga Class

Pregnant Niki and Chrissy!

Well everyone was surprised to see me last night. As I was grabbing the bolster and a chair I could hear people saying “I thought for sure she would have had her baby by now” At one point in class Juliette commented while we were doing a series of squats how she wished my water would break right now, that she would love it if it broke in class, I replied me too! I am sure the woman behind me did not wish that!
I am really going to miss those yoga classes, they were always a savior for me mid-week. Even if I didn’t feel like going I always felt better at the end of class and so did my body. Yoga is amazing! I love the mind body connect. Juliette made a huge impact on my love of the class. She is such a bright, lovely person that radiates happiness and love, how could you not enjoy a class with her and come away feeling better??
In the fall, Juliette is going to have post natal yoga where we get to bring the babies to class with us. She was saying last night that it is quite a crazy fun class, as there is lots of noise and diaper changing, a little different feel than the calm and peace of most yoga rooms, sounds fun!
Other than that I have had a few contractions this morning but they seem to be gone now. We see the Dr. this afternoon and will figure out where to go from here. My Dr. that was supposed to deliver for me is back from her vacation on July 10th, I wonder if bean is waiting for her to be back?? or maybe for Chrissy who arrives tomorrow night at 5pm? It would be great to hang out pregnant together in Whitehorse for a couple hours, at the most 😉


2 thoughts on “Last Yoga Class

  1. Ya, Ya!! I think Bean is waiting for me and for Dr Alton to get back! I can visit you still pregnant tomorrow evening and then when I get back from Camp Yukon on Monday I can come visit the baby!!

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