Itchy and scratchy

My belly is so itchy it is not funny! I could scratch it constantly. It takes all my restraint to not. The other day I ended up with a bit of a rash from scratching so much. I am constantly putting oil and cream on it to help, but that doesn’t always work. Last night I dreamed that I all of a sudden had huge, 2″ wide and 6″ long, red hot stretch marks on my belly and I was getting Land to pass me all sorts of creams to apply to them. I remember applying mountain momma cream because I thought it would be the best to help cool down the red hot stretch marks. When I got up later to go to the bathroom I put some Bio Oil on my belly as I was making my way out of the bedroom. It is funny because I am not sure if I am a believer in the creams. I think that you either have skin that stretches or skin that will get stretch marks, but I must be on the fence as I have an assortment just in case they do work 🙂


One thought on “Itchy and scratchy

  1. hey you! I was starting to think that you must be in labour today cuz I have had terrible lower back pain all day (different than what I normally might feel) and I was thinking I’m having sympathy labour pains…….. looks like no such luck though… hang in there!! much love!

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