Just a little patience

I know I am not supposed to be impatient right now but I can’t help it! My due date is not for 2 more days so I should be happy right? I am not post term. It is difficult as I am so excited to meet the little bean but know that the time will come when the body and baby are ready.
It is a time of not knowing. I don’t know when the baby is going to decide to come out, I don’t know the sex, I don’t know what labor and delivery are going to feel like, I don’t know what we are going to name the baby. I have never had so many unknowns in my life all at once about one part of my life that is going to change everything forever! It is exciting but…patience was never one of my virtues. Baby bean is already teaching me things before s/he even comes out!


One thought on “Just a little patience

  1. Hey you!!
    I am writing this wondering if you had the baby yesterday or maybe you are having your baby right now as I write this………….I can’t believe it is that time already!! Has it really been 9 months? I called you a while back but you were out. I think about you daily and hope everything is going well. Your whole life is about to change! You are going to be a fantastic mother!!! Good luck.

    Love Julie, Stephan & Keenan

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