More pictures of Rowan


Check out my moves


Gangster Rowan

Check out this sleeping pose!

Bassinet in the sun

Sucking my thumb

Sleeping beauty

Home alone

Today is Land’s first day back at work. You say “But it is a Friday, why didn’t he just take it off?” We figured it would be a good test to see how I do home alone with Rowan. It is only one day and then we have the weekend together again to figure things out for the week ahead. Next week I should only have a few days alone as my mom is flying up to see Rowan and to help me out 🙂

It feels really weird to be here by myself, quiet, as Rowan is sleeping and Land is at work. I should take this time and sleep which I will soon but I just finished first breakfast and couldn’t help but post how weird it is to be home alone…

Quick update

As Rowan sleeps in his blissful post feed state I have a few moments to type a little something. Today we had our first Dr’s visit for Rowan. He weighed in at 7lbs 11.5oz – good work!

Rowan keeps me busy that’s for sure. As my friend Jenny said “It’s true they do wake every 2 hours!” I have never been so exhausted in my life. One cool thing about this type of exhaustion (other than the obvious- Rowan :)) is when you get to sleep for 2 hours or more you feel like you have slept for 6-8 hours! Last night Land was up with Rowan around 12 am and I must have been in a light dream state because I honestly thought that I had gotten up and was feeding him when Land roused me. It was weird, I could have sworn I was feeding him. I find it amazing how vivid the dreams in those hour to 2 hour sleeps can be. Gotta go, Rowan is starting to wake up 🙂


7 lbs 9.9 oz

Back in our room after surgery

Baby Rowan's hands


Big right foot

Sleeping - so cute!

Our glow worm baby

Chilin' with dad

Hanging out in the bassinet - looking cute 🙂

Our family

On my chest in the operating room

Baby boy Rowan!!

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for the long absence from the blog. We started going in and out of the hospital last Friday and ended up being admitted on Sunday. After several hours of labor and little progression, due to Rowan’s position, we ended up having a c-section Monday morning. Rowan was born at 0900 July 12, 2010
Weighing in at 7lbs 9.9oz
Length: 55.5cm (he is going to be a tall one!!)
Head circumference: 34.5cm.
APGAR: 9, 10, 10.
Oh my, you should see the size of his feet and hands, they are so big already, it was one of the first things our Dr. pointed out when she was
doing his first check. We are all very happy to be home and look forward to figuring out our lives together as a family. I promise to try and update when I can. I will fill you in more on our stay at the hospital as my energy level permits. I must say that we had the most amazing care ever, we never could have made it through without all the wonderful nurses and Dr’s that were a part of our stay at the Whitehorse General Hospital.

Still waiting

I started having regular contractions again around 3 am. I finally got up around 5 or 6ish. The contractions were starting to get intense and to get closer, between 5-6 mins and now they are back to every 10 mins 😦
My Dr. just called to see how things are going. I told her and she wants me to meet her at the hospital around 1-1:30 for a non-stress test for baby and then to make a plan from there.
I am trying not to get discouraged but it just seems like things start to progress and then they take a step back. I was thinking around 8am, when I had contractions that were 4 mins apart, that I would soon be going to the hospital and here I still sit at home at 10 am…
I am so tired right now and all I want to do is sleep but I am scared that the contractions will totally go away. So I will continue to walk, sit and bounce on my yoga ball.

Latent phase of labor

Well at 2 am last night I passed my mucus plug. I had to have a snack, of course, before going to the hospital. When we were there the contractions were every 3 mins. We got sent home as my cervix had just barely started to dilate and the baby was doing well. When we got home my contractions were regular and coming every 5- 10 mins and lasting 1 min. Now they have tapered off. For a while they were every 10 mins, then every 15 mins and then every 30 mins and then they took a break.
I just read that this phase of labor can take a few hours to 20 hours, this is when the cervix will dilate to 4 cm. I am obviously on the latter end of that scale. My cervix this morning was still a little posterior. The cervix will move anterior as you move into the next phase. I am getting a contraction right now! That was a good one. Well better eat some lunch and get ready for the next contraction 🙂