First trimester again?!

In the last few days I feel like I am back in my first trimester. I feel more emotional again and my olfactory sense is heightened. I can still eat garlic which is something I could not even handle being around for about 5 months, it just seems that smells are stronger, but there isn’t the aversion like before.
My moods though are just like the first trimester. I can cry at the drop of a hat, a sad song, or a cute video. It is weird to feel like this again, so labile.
Right now it is just after 4am, I could not sleep anymore due to hunger. My favorite snack to have in the wee hours of the morning is toast with cream cheese and blueberry jam, yum! I usually sit up for a bit and try to let some of the food digest before I make my way back to bed. Did I mention the light : Sunrise: 4:30 Sunset: 23:36 and believe me it does not get that dark between sunset and sunrise, which I am sure is not helping my sleep today. We just got all new windows put in our house so I do not have blinds up yet as the finishing touches need to be done. When I head back up to bed shortly I am going to try and find the eye mask that Land bought me so that he could use his computer while I sleep, which did not work very well as I can hear him typing and still see a bit of the glow from the computer but I am hoping that it will work its magic for me today as he is sleeping and not computing.


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