Yoga and the cinnamon roll.

I have been taking prenatal yoga classes Wednesday nights. Yoga has been a savior for me, it takes away all my aches and pains and lifts my spirits and gives me a sense of calm. Last night I got to be in the center of the cinnamon roll. We start off holding hands and then the person to the left of you lets go and the whole class circles around and envelopes you and we look like a big human cinnamon roll. While in the center Juliette, our lovely instructor, says something to the baby and mom to be. I was scared that I would not get a chance to be at the center of the cinnamon roll as our last class is July 7th and we usually wait until the month that the mom is due. But once Juliette saw me last night and heard my due date she said we better do it tonight.

The baby has definitely dropped more than last week which made it a bit more difficult getting into some yoga poses. I ended up having to use a chair to assist me and it still felt like there was something stuck between my legs, I even noticed a difference doing forward bend, I had to have my feet on the outside of the mat to be able to bend over and even then I had a hard time getting around my belly. After class Land and I took the dogs for a walk and I had a couple short contractions. I wonder if I will make it to my  next yoga class…


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