The dreams are coming fast and vivid now. It is amazing they are so real. It is fun dreaming about the baby and life with it. What I remember are little clips. The other night when I was staying at my friends’ Yurts I dreamed that I went into labor in a birthing centre or home and in my dream I had the realization that I was having a home birth and not one at the hospital. I wonder how fast this little one is going to come out and if we will make it to the hospital??? I don’t think that it should be a problem as we live very close to the hospital. When I told Marsha about my dream she told me the Yurts are not a birthing centre! I told my Dr. about my dream on Friday, she didn’t seem too concerned, she did check my cervix though just in case and all is well. I know I had a great dream about the baby last night but I cannot remember it for the life of me right now.


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