37 weeks and nesting up a storm.

The baby is now considered full term, meaning that it could come anytime- eeks! Yesterday I cleaned and rearranged the top floor of the house, first was the ‘baby’ room which actually won’t be ready for weeks as we needed to cut into the gyprock to attack the new mast for electricity to the house. Next was the closet in the hallway, it got totally reorganized so that the door can be closed and when you open it nothing falls out at you. I don’t think I even took much or anything out of it and I even added the vacuum. One exciting find in the closet was the lost vacuum attachments hidden under backpacks, duffle bags, pillows and comforters. Last but not least was the master bedroom where the three of us plan to live together for several months. I cannot believe how big our room feels now that I have put all the baby stuff we have into the ‘baby’ room albeit in rubbermaids etc. As well, I started packing the hospital bag, so far it contains: a heating pad, a cut portion of a pool noodle, a wooden massage cat and massage oil. I guess I should add some toiletries and clothes next. Any other suggestions?

I am constantly writing up to do lists and I am triaging them several times trying to figure out what is most important, what I need done before the baby arrives. Today: eat breakfast, take Tessa on a dog walk (yes we are dog sitting as well right now), throw on laundry, clean the bathroom and car, water garden and flowers.  Land: assist Forest with plumbing in the kitchen sink and dishwasher, finish installing kitchen cabinets. If you are wondering why I am not taking Jackson, our dog, it is because he is with Land out at Tagish and he got to spend yesterday running down Montana mountain with a group of men who are celebrating Matt’s stag and Dustin’s last big party before becoming a father. Dustin and Jenny share our same due date!


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