Getting ready.

I have always thought that the body was an amazing thing and nothing impresses me more than pregnancy and birth. The way our bodies know what to do next, and know where the hormone levels are suppose to be to maintain the pregnancy and help get us ready for what lies ahead. I realized yesterday that my body is trying to change my personal clock to match that of the babies. I have always been more of a morning person than a night owl. As of late I seem to function better in the afternoon and evening, that is when I am most productive. At first babies are more awake in the evenings and nights, oh mother nature you are amazing.

I think it is interesting when people are so concerned about getting the baby on a schedule when our bodies are naturally getting us ready for the babies schedule. I wonder if that is a control thing, or if it comes from books we read, people we talk to, society norms. I think we can try as we might but the baby has all the control in the beginning. We have to be the ones to change our lives as we know it for them. Thinking about getting pregnant for myself was a process of getting ready for this little being, getting ready to change my lifestyle to invite this little being into it.

As the days get closer I am getting ready for labor and delivery, yesterday I started getting music organized that I may want to hear, and in the back of my mind I have a list of things that will need to come to the hospital with us. As well, I have been getting a space ready for the baby and making sure that we have the basics for its arrival to our home.


One thought on “Getting ready.

  1. Little baby bean is the one who has the upcoming schedule already made. Oh ya put the baby on a schedule, feed every whatever, good luck, they let you know when they their num nums, when they want to sleep, when they want to be just loved and when they have made poopies. Yes your life will change and with it you will have the most amazing of lifes offering, who will rule your world for some time.

    Love ya Niki
    Aunty Poodle

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