Happy Birthday Land!

The expected date of confinement is one month from Land’s birthday, pretty exciting! This morning I woke up from a horrible sleep with sore hips, neck and a headache. But then…all of a sudden Obi got up and was stretching on the bed and he started his crazy convulsing motions that he does just before he is about to puke. I tried to grab him, well push him off the bed so that I could continue to stay in bed. He made it over to the edge of the bed just in time to puke down the side of it just missing Jackson. It was quite comical. I could just imagine being a fly on the wall watching this big pregnant woman trying to quickly get from lying down to sitting to move a cat that is about to puke and who just nearly misses covering the dog in his emesis. Sorry you missed it Land, it would have been a great way to start your birthday!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Land!

  1. Are you sleeping with a pillow between your knees… those body pillows certainly made a difference with my painful hips. 🙂 Happy Birthday Land! Poor Obi and even more poor jackson.. eeeechhyuk

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