You know I am talking about the baby, right? The baby engaged on Monday May 24th! I woke up in the morning and could not feel any little feet kicking my left side and then I felt a couple little taps just under my diaphragm, next I felt around and viola! the baby was now vertical and in position. When I walked into work on Tuesday everyone noticed right away that the baby dropped, which now has everyone second guessing their original bet on when the baby is going to be born. (At work there is a calendar up where you place your bet on the day and the sex of the baby.) When I saw my Dr. on Friday she confirmed that the baby is engaged, she said that she could just feel the back of the head in the pelvis. According to the measurement of the baby it looks like it has gotten smaller, which it has not, it has just dropped into the pelvis. I lost one pound since last week so this means that I can get back on my super size me diet. My Dr. said that this can happen but that I should continue to gain weight over the next couple of weeks, I guess we shall find out next week.


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