Nesting and babysomnia

My nesting instinct has started to kick in which is kind of difficult to satisfy when you are in the middle of renovating the main floor of your house. Right now in our kitchen we have a stove, at least I can cook on it, the fridge is in the living room as well as the rest of the kitchen. Our beautiful Ikea kitchen cabinets are patiently waiting to be put in their proper place in the kitchen. Thank goodness for Land’s parents, they have been helping us out a lot with all the reno’s. On Friday Land and his parents pretty much finished gyprocking the kitchen. It is great to see it taking shape. Every so often when I get stressed I just visualize what the new kitchen is going to be like.

On top of renovating my baby insomnia is taking over my sleep. My Dr. told me last week it is due to the increased levels of progesterone right now. Don’t get me wrong I think progesterone , although I was beginning to wonder last week, is a great hormone I sure wish that I could sleep. Other great news my Dr. shared with me last week was that she had insomnia with her pregnancies between weeks 32 and 36- YIKES. 3 more weeks of this. I guess mother nature is trying to get me ready for what lies ahead. Maybe I struggle with the insomnia more than others because I LOVE my sleep, oh sleep please come back to me.


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