Braxton Hicks

I get weekly updates from Yesterday I was told that I may start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions which :

  • are infrequent, usually happening no more than once or twice an hour, a few times a day
  • often stop if you change activity, so, walk around if you’ve been sitting, and vice versa
  • are usually irregular, and if they are regular they only stay that way for a short spell
  • do not last long, usually less than a minute
  • continue to be unpredictable and non-rhythmic
  • do not increase in intensity

I read  another site that said Braxton Hicks  are painless, of course, it was written by a man! They are not painless, they are not excruciating,  but you do feel them and I thought that they were slightly painful last night! I guess a nice introduction to what lies ahead.


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