First timer.

Here goes nothing. My first kick at blogging. Land and I wanted to create a baby blog so that all our friends and family across Canada and the world can follow our progress as budding young parents of our little bean.


5 thoughts on “First timer.

  1. Hey, I need more….lots of pics of the beaner and the baby belly, and I also want tobe there, when peanut is born, what are your thoughts.
    much luv and huggzz

  2. Hey Poodle!
    We would love it if you were up here while bean is being born. Would you drive up? or fly?
    Just so everyone knows it is just going to be me and Land in the delivery room.
    Much love and hugs to you!

  3. aw, can’t i just hide under the bed, i have been blessed to see three babies being born, it is so amazing. but i know what you mean, (not really).lol……I don’t know, when or how or anything for sure right now. I have all my annual leave used up for the wedding and a week of camping. but have a couple of days left, so should nothing happen between now and then, i may fly up. I need to see my grantybaby. love you, i miss your face…..

  4. I am loving your little blog! I know, I haven’t actually responded until now, but I’ve been checking it out!

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