Baby Niki and Baby Land

9 Weeks to go!

I can’t believe it!! Where did the time go. Well…I spent a lot of it in bed sleeping 🙂 Although I have been quite tired throughout this pregnancy I feel it has gone well. I am really enjoying being pregnant right now. I love the movements, even the ones that hurt a little 🙂  I don’t even mind that my belly button is sticking out and you can see that through some of my shirts!! It really is a special gift to have the chance to be pregnant. I am really looking forward to meeting our little bean.

Awake and asleep

I am starting to wonder, actually getting concerned, if this baby is going to be awake as much on the outside as it is on the inside? If so, I am in trouble!! Yesterday the baby was kicking from 6am to 10am and then again from 12pm to 2:30ish etc. I just got a kick! I think that was the baby telling me YES! I am going to be like my father who has lots of energy and does not need much sleep. Thank goodness Land is a night owl and I am a morning person, eventually we will be able to share care of the baby for when it suits us best. I know in the beginning I will always have to be part of the awake cycle but maybe a few months down the road Land can spell me off a bit during the night???


Doing what he loves- napping!

My cat Obi has gone through several changes since the start of my pregnancy. At first he was quite mad at me for getting pregnant! someone else was going to be taking my attention away from him. In the last week or so he has decided that he likes eating human food. He has never been one for human food only tuna and salmon juice. Tonight he decided he would try finishing off the dog treat that Jackson had left in the kitchen?!@$ I wonder what the rest of my pregnancy is going to bring!